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Dr Maziar Oveisee

Dr Maziar Oveisee

Spine and orthopedic surgeon
Spine and orthopedic surgeon
Head of Bam University of Medical Sciences
School of medicine, Bam University of Medical Sciences, Bam, Kerman, Iran
+98 344 3424988

Doctor Dr Maziar Oveisee

As and Spine Surgeon Orthopedist with 8 years outstanding of clinical experience in different hospitals of Iran, highly capable specialist in surgical and non-surgical treatment of fractures, Intra-articular injections, Diagnosis, and treatment of orthopedic problems, over 10 publications and lecturer in International conferences, my goal is to improve my skills in the field. I am very much interested in research in the field of Orthopedics as well as Molecular mechanisms underlying related diseases to find answers for those questions that have not been answered yet.


2022 - Present
Training course on Full Endoscopic Disc Surgery
  • Frankfurt, Germany
2018 - 2021
Fellowship course on Spine Surgery
  • Shiraz University Medical Sciences
  • Shiraz, Iran
2010 - 2014
General Orthopedics Residency
  • Kerman University Medical Sciences
  • Kerman, Iran
1999 - 2006
Doctor of Medicine
  • Kerman University Medical Sciences
  • Kerman, Iran

Clinical Experience

2016 - Present
Orthopedist, Spine surgeon
  • Private Clinic, Bam, Iran
2016 - Present
Orthopedist, Head of the operating room
  • Pastor hospital, Bam, Iran


  • Karbalee Aghazadeh L, Mehrolhassani Y, Oveisee M, A Rare Case of Accompanying of Ulna Plastic Deformity with Lateral Condylar Fracture of the Humerus (under preparation)
  • Malakootian M, Gholipour A, Oveisee M, CD19, ALDH18A1 and CACNA1G as Important Hub genes in End-stage Osteoarthritis (Submitted)

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