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Abdominoplasty is a very good option for abdominal beauty surgery, which by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles of the abdominal wall, it smoothes the waist and creates a dimple in the waist and restores beauty and fitness to your body. In most cases, weak or separated muscles from the abdominal skin are also repaired. Now you get rid of excess skin and you can feel young and fresh by looking at your body in the mirror and enjoy wearing the clothes you like. The abdominal wall is basically composed of three elements: skin, subcutaneous cellular tissue with underlying fat, and muscle layer. The influence of each of these three elements leads to the creation of a deformity in the abdomen, which requires more or less complex treatment depending on each case. Abdominoplasty is the best option to beautify the body.

What are the cases of abdominoplasty surgery?

1- Women who after one or more deliveries have loose skin, fat accumulation and decreased tone of the wall-breaking muscles and skin cracks on the abdomen.

2-People who suffer from sagging skin and loose muscles of the abdominal wall due to severe weight loss.

3- People who have been morbidly obese and have undergone bariatric surgery (such as gastric banding or laparoscopic gastric bypass) and have experienced severe weight loss and skin sagging all over the body, including the abdomen and sides. are

Due to the difference in the types of surgery based on the clinical history and also the difference in the services received based on the request of the patient and his companions, the treatment costs are different. For detailed information, you can call 03491001818.

Your detailed schedule after arrival in Iran

Transfer from airport to hotel or suite or private home then holding the Welcome Dinner
Transfer to hospital for pre-x-rays ,tests and physician consultation then transfer to residence
Preparing the patient for PCNL,recovery,Transfer to the surgical ward, if necessary transfer to ICU
Visit by a physician,Perform daily tests to monitor patient status,determine the right diet,consult with other relevant physicians if necessary
Repeat doctor’s orders or change them if needed thenpatient to be monitored in hospital
Transfer patient from hospital to residence and provide favorable conditions such as patient bed and monitoring to control the patient’s condition then the nurse will be sent to the patient’s home if needed

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