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Mammoplasty is one of the types of plastic surgery, the purpose of which is to change the size of the breast (breast reduction) to help the beauty of the body by changing their shape and reducing their size, so mammoplasty can be considered as one of the types of cosmetic surgery.
During human life, breast size changes due to various parameters such as weight change, pregnancy, and aging, which sometimes is not desirable.

What people need mammoplasty?

Generally, people who have problems with the size of their breasts and this problem affects the beauty of their bodies and face problems in their daily activities need mammoplasty.

Like women whose breast size makes them not follow their desired sports. Also, women whose breasts are not the same size or are not proportional to the size of other organs undergo mammoplasty.

Due to the difference in the types of surgery based on the clinical history and also the difference in the services received based on the request of the patient and his companions, the treatment costs are different. For detailed information, you can call 03491001818.

Your exact schedule after entering Iran

Transfer from the airport to the accommodation - welcome dinner
Transfer to the hospital for the visit and consultation of the relevant doctor - tests and x-rays - transfer to the residence
Patient preparation for operation-recovery-transfer to ward or ICU if necessary
Conducting tests to control the patient's condition - visit by the relevant doctor - determine the diet - consultation if necessary
Controlling the patient's condition - final visit - training the patient for post-discharge care and transfer to the residence - providing suitable conditions for the patient's condition in the residence
Transfer to the hospital for a visit - if appropriate and confirmed by the doctor, a city tour to the bazaar, Jebeliya Dome, etc. - transfer to the residence - accompanying the patient and transfer to the airport - presentation of a souvenir gift

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